What’s it like inside a Pokeball? Can it catch a Human?

With the release of Pokémon Detective Pikachu, I got to refresh my nostalgic interest in pokemon. One thing always got my interest is what’s like inside a Pokeball. Pokemon seems willingly allow themselves to be sucked into a Pokeball. Does the pokemon shrink in size? Are they alive or in a suspended state in inside it? How come the pokemon reappears fresh after being inside the Pokeball for some time?

For those who do not know what Pokemon or a Pokeball is, a Pokeball is a spherical device usually red on top and white on the bottom. It is used to capture and store/house pokemon. If the is new pokemon is not friendly with the trainer, he may fight the Pokeball and escape. A trainer who wishes to capture a wild pokemon will need to fight it to weaken before deploying the Pokeball. Some pokemon do not like to be carried around these devices; the famous example is Ash’s Pikachu.

During an interview with the producer of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Junichi Masuda told that pokemon have a very comfortable life inside. It is similar to a high-end fancy hotel room with all the care & food the pokemon needs. This means that Pokeballs act as a gateway to a pocket dimension. We do not know the exact mechanism of how that happens but makes sense. I do not think it physically possible to shrink a living being, but they can be sent to another dimension. Pokemon get pampered inside and heal. The inside of the Pokeball is so comfortable that pokemon are willing to enter without any encouragement.

We know that Pokeballs can catch pokemon, can it catch humans? Through the animated series and movies, there is hardly any example of this happening. In an episode, in the first series, Ash was in Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town, he mistakenly threw a Pokeball at human thinking it was a pokemon. The Pokeball did not open up. I think there are safeguards in place to prevent humans from being caught. If this was possible, humans would enslave each other by promising a utopia if you enter a Pokeball.

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