What happens when you Play Ouija on SNL

With Paul Rudd is at the height of his care after playing Ant-Man in MCU, it seems like all the talk shows want to feature him. Looks like four-decade-old but highly popular talk show Saturday Night Live got him to star in one of their sketches. Saturday Night Live has featured many A-List celebrities in series of sketches while they have extreme popularity.

In the latest titled Ouija, the all-girl cast of SNS has a slumber party while Paul Rudd plays one of the girls’ dad. Paul Rudd plays the funny but clueless dad. He tries to embarrass the girls. The girl summons a demon played Melissa VillaseƱor by asking an Ouija board who is going to marry first. However, the demon does not want to leave because she is bored & lonely back in hell. She wants to hang out with the girls.

Watch the sketch to find out.

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