The Grand Tour says farewell & goodbye…. for now

When Jeremy, Richard & James was fired from BBC Top Gear, Amazon picked them up to capitalize on the trios global popularity to promote Amazon Prime Videos. However, they only signed on for 3 seasons. With the conclusion of the Grand Tour Season 3 Episode 14, they said farewell and goodbye to the studio audience and the world.

The episode appropriately titled “Funeral for a ford” is montage to Ford’s colorful history in Britain and downfall of its old brands. The tone of the episode was a bit sad. There was a lot of emphasize on each three presenters childhood. The episode felt bit like they were indirectly talking about themselves. It is like they have run their course and its time to move and do something else.

However, the good news is the Grand Tour may live on a series of specials. It might take a bit longer than usual for the new format to come out but I am looking forward to it.

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