Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker easter eggs from the trailer

Easter egg 1

Ray is standing on a desert but it does not appear to be Jaku or Tatooine. This is a new planet

Easter egg 2

Ray is holding Luke’s lightsaber. Ray has managed to repair it.

Easter egg 3

Kylo Ren is probably piloting the new TIE fighter.

Easter egg 4

Ray does a backflip with the help of the force. She probably sliced the fighter with her lightsaber.

Easter egg 5

This is a new planet that was never shown in Star Wars before.

Easter egg 6

There is a lot of red in the new movie.

Easter egg 7

Kylo Ren welds his mask back together.

Easter egg 8

Fin holds Ray’s staff.

Easter egg 9

A new robot.

Easter egg 10

Lando returns and flies the Millennium Falcon.

Easter egg 11

Stormtroopers on Jetpacks.

Easte egg 12

General Leia. She probably says good bye to Ray.

Easter egg 13

A piece of the Death Star from The Return of The Jedi.

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