May The 4th Be With You

May 4th is the official day celebrating the Star Wars franchise. This originated as a pun from the famous line “May The Force Be With You” Fans around the world celebrate by wearing Star Wars themed clothes and movie nights. Businesses will celebrate by having Star Wars themed deals, special menu options & drinks. Offices might have stars themed celebrations as well. The day after is know as The Revenge of The Fifth.

Here are few ways fans can celebrate:

As a webmaster of this site, we got this little treat from Google in our Search Console. I have spent about an hour looking for all the Star Wars references.

You can buy discounted Star Wars toys and games. The Lego Millennium Falcon is $50 off on Walmart.

Star Wars Battlefront II is $17.50 off on Xbox Live.

You can go to restaurant with Star Wars themed discounts. Pizza Hut is offering 35% off all menu items on May 4th. Use the code ORIGAMIYODA at checkout.

You can even go to a Star Wars themed party. Check with your local comic book store for any Star Wars parties happening at their premise or a place nearby.

If you feel tired to go out invite a group of friends and have a movie night. It is the weekend after all.

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