Kollywood (tamil) movies releasing in August 2019

Kolayuthir Kaalam

Kolayuthir Kaalam is a Tamil mystery, thriller movie featuring the famous actress Nayanthara, Prathap Pothen, Boomika Chawla and Rohini Hattangadi in the lead roles. Directed by Chakri Toleti, Billa 2 fame director.  A young deaf- mute woman (Nayanthara ) lives in a house amongst the woods in isolation. Her friend pays a visit to return a copy of her book. Same night, a killer behind a mask chases her friend to (Nayanthara )’s house. Despite her banging on the door and shouting for help, (Nayanthara) does not hear, and the man stabs her to death. Learning (Nayanthara)’s  infirmity, the man sneaks into her house through the main door, loot her phone, take photos of her and sends them to her. Realizing this, she locks herself inside the house. The whole story revolves around how she struggles and makes several attempts to escape from the man despite her disability. Will she be able to escape or will she be the next victim?


Nungambakkam ( Swathi Kolai Valaku) is an upcoming Tamil crime film. Ajmal Ameer, A.Venkatesh, Aayira and Mano are portraying the lead roles in the movie directed by SD. Ramesh Selvan. The story is based on the staggering Swathi’s murder case. The title refers to the railway station where Swathi, a 24 year old software engineer was stabbed to death. She was miserably killed while she was waiting for the train in the morning at the titled railway station. The suspect RajKumar makes a failed attempt to kill himself when taken under custody. He later requests the police officer to send him to any jail except for Pulal Jail. This makes the investigator wonder the reason behind his refusal to go one particular jail.  During investigation he tells the police, that the Advocate only blackmailed him not to tell the truth to the police. On the other side, the Advocate tells the suspect’s parents that the police are trying to file a false case on their son. Later the suspect is found dead while in prison.  What is the mystery behind this murder? Who is the real culprit?


Kappaan is a political thriller film directed by K.V. Anand and co written by Pattukotai Prabakar. The power packed teaser is a perfect treat. Suriya (Hero) fans have a special surprise in store as he takes various avatars and steals the show in all of it. The teaser introduces him as a strange person under cover holding a knife. Right after that Mohanlal witnesses a bomb blast right behind his car. The excitement and curiosity is always high since Suriya is showcased as various characters. Sayyeshaa Saigal (Heroine) also labels him as a terrorist causing more suspicion about Suriya. The back to back terrorist activities taking place shows a link to Suriya some way or the other.  The following scene intrigues the viewers to think Suriya intends to murder Mohanlal. In Parallel Arya and Boman Irani is discussing the destruction of Tamil Nadu. Rest focuses on how Suriya who is seen in another avatar fights for his rights. How does the story take on from there?

Nerkonda Paarvai

Nerkonda Paarvai is an upcoming Tamil movie which is scheduled to be released on the 08th of August 2019. H. Vinoth is directing the movie and it features Ajit Kumar, Shraddha Srinath, Andrea Tariang and Arjun Chidambaram in the lead roles. The story revolves around three young, independent and self sufficient women living together. It is shown that they hurriedly travel to their apartment in a taxi. They look disoriented giving an idea they have a part to play in the incident. The young women are grief stricken but are compelled to carry on with their normal routine. One of the three women goes out for her usual morning where she meets an old reputable lawyer who is in his retirement. They seek assistance from him in the matter after he senses there is something wrong. The women file a complaint despite being discouraged by the police officer from filing a complaint telling it would make their life miserable unless they displace. Following few unfortunate incidents one of the three women is arrested based on a false complaint. Will the retired lawyer be able to help them with the bail procedures and represent them in courts?

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