Jimmy Kimmel appears in Spider-Man in this deleted clip

Jimmy Kimmel is a huge fan of Spider-Man. He has read the comics. He had the Spider-Man lunch boxes as a kid. He even had a Spider-Man pillow until he was married. He always wanted to appear in a Spider-Man movie. It looks like his dream is about to become a reality.

In Jimmy Kimmel Live he shows an exclusive clip him and Tom Holland’s Peter Parker interacting in one scene in Spider-Man: Far From Home. For Obvious reasons, they deleted the scene from the actual movie. Marvel is very secretive about the plot of the film before release, but since the scene is deleted and Marvel will probably not include it in the extras, Jimmy Kimmel decided to show it on his late night talk show.

In the scene, Peter Parker goes to a dry cleaner to pick up his suit, which he gives for dry cleaning four times a week. Jimmy’s character is the cashier at the dry cleaner. He is very gullible. Peter asks for his Spider-Man suit, which Jimmy finds and hands over. Jimmy does not suspect anything. He questions Peter why Peter dry cleans his pajamas so many times. Peter gets nervous and responds by saying that he sweats a lot. He has a “sweaty beady.” Also, Jimmy questions about the holes in the pajamas which they agreed that moths caused it. Jimmy accepts the dumb lies about Peter’s identity. Jimmy had lost Spider-Man’s masks. He looks for it under the table and finds Daredevil’s mask, Deadpool’s mask and even Bruce Banner’s pants. While doing that, Spider-Man is shown on the TV which Jimmy concludes that Peter is an influencer. After Peter leaves, Jimmy goes back to make love with the store assistant.

Watch the deleted scene featuring Jimmy Kimmel here.

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