Is Tony Stark the father of Peter Parker?

This is wild speculation but could turn out to be true if you look at the facts. Peter Parker could be the son of Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man was introduced to the MCU in Captain America: Civil War. It has gotten two standalone movies, Spider-Man: Homecoming & Spider-Man: Far From Home. In all these movies, we never got to know the back story of Spider-Man.

In Captain America: Civil War, Tony miraculously knows exactly where Peter Parker lives and knows that he won’t be a treat to approach without wearing the Iron-Man armor. Tony could be tracking many Inhumans & mutants all this time through SHIELD. Even though Peter is young, Tony thinks that Peter is the person to do the right thing and follow Tony as wells. This means that Tony somehow knew Peter Parker’s personality a bit intimitaly and what he is capable of doing.

The next big clue is that Marvel never revealed the fate of Peter’s parents in the MCU. Also, we never got to know the fate of Ben Parker (Uncle Ben) in the MCU. Also, Tony seems to care about Peter in a very different way compared to other allies & Avengers. He seems to care about Peter as he is his father. Even Peter considers Tony as a father figure. Tony is constantly giving Peter moral advice and showing the right path. He goes to great lengths to even scold Peter for the mistakes. Tony also demands Peter not to fight because it is too dangerous for him. He does not even tell Peter about the upcoming battles and wants to avoid using him as much as possible. However, he took the extra mile to get Peter the so-called “Stark Internship” to let him train and work with the Avengers Initiative.

Before Tony became the Iron-Man, he had a hedonistic lifestyle. He was a genius, billionaire & playboy but not the Iron Man. He slept with a lot of women, including scientists & reporters. We saw that at the beginning of the Iron-Man movie. Also, Peter has the same sense of humor as Tony Stark. When Thanos wiped out half the universe with a snap. Peter’s death affected Tony more than anything. When Steve Rogers approached Tony to build the time machine, he initially refused saying that he has a family with a kid now. However, the only reason he built the time machine and returned because of Peter Parker.

In the trailers of Spider-Man: Far From Home, we see Peter being pushed to be the Iron Man. We also see Peter using some personal effects from Tony, including his sunglasses. Tony’s personal assistant and security chief is assisting Peter after Tony’s demise. All these circumstantial evidence might prove Tony is Peter’s father. However, we would have to see the new movie to confirm it. It would be interesting for Peter to take his place and continue being the Iron-Man for the MCU.

Spider-Man: Far From Home releases on June 28, 2019.

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