How a Tiny Mistake in Game of Thrones got millions of dollars worth of exposure to Starbucks

Game of Thrones is the most popular tv show at the moment. It is not surprising that most brands and businesses would want their product to show or place in the TV show. Unfortunately, for a show that sets in middle ages with dragons, white walkers and Jason Momoa, it is really hard to find a product that places well in the setting.

In the season 8 episode 4 titled “The Last of the Starks” aired on May 5th, there was a mistake that was made during filming but has not been edited out. It is a tiny mistake which is difficult to spot. However, fans were able to spot it almost immediately. On a medieval dining table blending among the horns and goblets, there is a disposable coffee cup with the blurry logo of Starbucks on it. Fans were initially baffled, confused and some were angry. HBO offered an explanation saying it was a mistake. It was because Jason Momoa showed up on the set to meet the old cast members and the crew forgot to remove the cup from the scene. It was edited out in future broadcasts.

However, the mistake is already made and it was good news for Starbucks. The frame and accompanied titled & tags mentioning Starbucks were shared across and Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and almost all of the entertainment sites. Even CNN & BBC wrote articles on it. The exposure Starbucks received was huge. According to Apex Marketing Group, they received $11.6 million in exposure with hundreds of million people hearing it. It was free marketing for Starbucks. Fans have reported that they bought a Starbucks cup the next day because of this mistake.

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