Hellboy 2019 post-credits scenes

This is latest reboot of the Hellboy franchise however it received overwhelming negative criticism. Here is the break down of the post-credit scenes that might give a hint of the next Hellboy movie if it is ever made.

In the mid credit scene, after the death of Hellboy’s adoptive father, we see him slumped over his dad’s grave. Hellboy is sobbing in the scene, which we’d wager slots into the timeline between the main action of the film and the Abe Sapien tease. He got a little pep talk from Lobster Johnson. Now dead and a ghost, Lobster pops up in the graveyard and essentially tells Hellboy to get his act together.

In the post-credit scene Hellboy meet Baba Yaga get some intel but it came at a price of one of Hellboy’s eyes. He flees without giving the eye. Baba Yaga orders a henchman to murder him.

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